Founded in 2016, Harbour Wireless Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures high-performance RF equipments and components used in Outdoor Antenna Line System and In-Building & DAS & BDA System. With open sales strategy and excellent capability of professional products development, Harbour Wireless provides OEM and ODM services as well as highly customized design for customers all around the world.
Our product lines cover the followings:
1) Antenna Line System
Filter, Combiner, Duplexer, Diplexer/Triplexer/Quadplexer/Pentaplexer, Smart Bias Tee, DC Block and so on;

2) Repeater & Pico & Booster
Digital Repeater, ICS Pico Repeater, ICS Repeater, Fiber Optic Repeater, Booster;
3) In-Building & DAS & BDA Products
Termination & Load, Attenuator, 2x2/3x3/4x4 Hybrid Coupler, Module POI & DRAN, Power Splitter, Directional Coupler, Tapper and so on;
4) Cable Assembly & Other Accessories
Coaxial cable, Cable Assembly, RF Jumper, Coaxial Connector, Adapters, Surge Arrestor;
Our high-end products are widely recognized for the followings:
-Wide Band – up to 6GHz, to allow future upgrades of enhanced wireless services;
-Low Loss - to increase signal strength for improved coverage;
-Low PIM - to minimize interference and improve system performance;
-Customized Design – to meet various customers’ requirements for products;
-In Stock - for our Tier 1 off-the-shelf Shipment Program and cost & time saving;
Based in China, Serving the World.



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